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CAVITY 48 is a special use high reactivity multi-preservative based cavity fluid of the Millenium-New Era line of embalming formulations. Cavity 48 is formaldehyde free, yet exerts the maximum of penetration and embalming with an extreme degree of firmness. In addition, Cavity 48 induces a high level of sanitation and deodorizing action. Cavity 48 can be used on normal cases, but was specifically designed for difficult or extreme cases where maximum embalming action is necessary. Such cases include advanced decomposition, delayed embalming, frozen bodies, highly infectious cases and others. The reaction of Cavity 48 with tissues is almost instantaneous, while, at the same time long-lasting. AVAILABLE IN 24 (16 oz.) BOTTLE CASES.


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    Great Cavity

    Posted by Ofstad Limited Company 6000694 on Mar 7th 2023

    Works well without strong fumes