DI-CAV 45 CPF 45


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DI-CAV 45 is a powerful glutaraldehyde/formaldehyde based phenol-potentiated cavity fluid for use where maximum preservation, sanitation and firmness of viscera is required. DI-CAV 45 is formulated with Entrone to exhibit maximum penetration of tissues with complete saturation. The glutaraldehyde in DI-CAV 45 maximizes the sanitation ability and increases fluid activity. Special modifiers and control chemicals further enhance preservation and embalming ability. The advanced formulation minimizes formaldehyde exposure while achieving index 50 results during cavity use. DI-CAV 45 reacts rapidly and can darken tissues when used hypodermically or as a typical pack (avoid use on skin tissue that will be viewed or cosmetized). DI-CAV 45 is too powerful for arterial injection. AVAILABLE IN 24 (16 oz.) BOTTLE CASES.

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    Posted by GORMAN-SCHARPF FUNERAL HOME 260393720003 on Jun 21st 2023

    The only cavity fluid you'll ever need! Works just as well as super 50 but doesn't Destroy your lungs if you accidentally spill a little.

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    Great Cavity

    Posted by Ofstad Limited Company 6000694 on Mar 7th 2023

    Great cavity without the fumes