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TRI-SAN POWER FACTOR is a member of the Millenium New Era line of formaldehyde-free embalming chemicals. Tri-San Power Factor is Champion's premiere replacement for our ledgendary Di-San accessory/co-injection chemcial. Tri-San Power Factor is takes non-formaldehyde technology to a new horizon in embalming formulations. Tri-San Power Factor is a potentiated trialdehyde based high reactivity formulations that exceeds and broadens the reactivity of Di-San - Champion's original glutaraldehyde based embalmingadditive. The unique combination of aldehydes in Tri-San Power Factor results in a maximum of synergy with an extremely high lecel of sanitation and disinfection in use. Tri-San Power Factor is used as a power factor additive to disinfect, sanitize, increase aldehyde action, increase pentration, increase reactivity and to maximally increase overall embalming action of arterial and cavity chemicals. The addition of Tri-San Power Factor to the injected arterial of cavity chemcials result in a significant increase in embalming and rigidity of embalmed tissues. AVAILABLE IN 24 (16 oz.) BOTTLE CASES.

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