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PLASMA INJECTION FACTOR is a near-anhydrous carrier fluid that substitutes for the dilution water in arterial embalming. Plasma Injection Factor is a member of the Millenium New Era line of high-tech formaldehyde-free embalming fluids by Champion Plasma Injection Factor is 95% water free and when used in arterial injection, virtually eliminates the water injected into the tissues. When used as a complete or partial replacement for dilution water in arterial embalming, a faster arterial embalming will occur with more firming evident, in addition to deeper saturation, penetration and infusing of the tissues. Plasma Injection Factor is a lower-exposure risk chemical with a medium molecular weight glycolic base as the carrier fluid with added buffers, surfactants, penetrants and glutaraldehyde for maximum sanitizing action and improved embalming results. The pH of Plasma Injection Factor is essentially neutral for maximized embalming action and compatibility with all arterial fluids, co-injectants, humectants and other embalming additives. AVAILABLE IN 24 (16 oz.) BOTTLE CASES.