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pH-A is a chemical water conditioner and pH activator - it is not a preservative material. It must be used with regular injection solutions. Its action is to improve the diffusion into tissue masses of the preserving, sanitizing, and coloring ingredients in the arterial solution. This is accomplished through a ┬┤depolymerization┬Á action which results in increased molecular activity. In embalming, this produces better internal cosmetic staining results, improves drainage and softening action on clotted material so that it is more easily removed, and promotes uniform firming action. When used as suggested, pH-A Solution creates an optimal pH and reduces to zero hardness any water used. The special ingredients in pH-A neutralize acidity in water and in the tissues. Although the solution has a reddish-amber color in its concentrated form, it does not impart this color to the embalmed tissues. AVAILABLE IN 24 (16 oz.) BOTTLE CASES.


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    Works well

    Posted by Ofstad Limited Company 6000694 on Mar 7th 2023

    This is a must with some of the fluids and if you use tap water.