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DIFFICULT CASE KIT is designed to simplify decomp, delayed, bodies with odors, and ship-out case prepartion by providing a variety of chemicals to inject arterially. There are a few prodcuts that we recommended to use in conjunction with your main cavity embalming as well.

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    Easy to follow

    Posted by Melenyzer Funeral Homes & Cremation Services Inc. on May 15th 2023

    I used on a heavyset gentleman around 330lbs who died early in the morning and wasn’t found til later in the day. Decomp was in the chest area, throat and face. The blood was starting to congeal. I used the whole kit. Everything turned out great. No smells, no leaking, viewable body and the family was pleased.

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    Great results

    Posted by Truckee Meadows Cremation and Burial on May 15th 2023

    We had a shipout to Mexico, the body was 250lbs, she was delayed and refrigerated for 3 days. She had lots of post-mortem staining especially in the ears and fingers. The fingers did clear but not totally, however the ears did clear totally as well as the rest of the body. We kept her here for 7 days. I was impressed how well she held. We just got word from Mexico on the 12th day she still looks great. I know I wouldn't have gotten this good of results with my other fluids and I still have a little fluid left.

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    Severe tissue gas, delayed and shipout

    Posted by Samaritan Funeral Home on May 15th 2023

    This case was severe decomp with bad odors and discoloration. Got wonderful results, killed the odors and had kept the body around for almost two weeks and was very surprised at how well the body held up and how well the odor control lasted.

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    Works great

    Posted by Hadley-Davis Funeral Home on May 15th 2023

    I used this on a body in refrigeration for a week in and half. It was in the first stages of decomp. With a little tissue gas in the stomach area. I would recommend it on anything that’s been refrigeration for awhile. It's a good base for someone new or who doesn’t have a good idea because it covers all the grounds.

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    4 days delayed

    Posted by Muzyka and Son Funeral Home on May 15th 2023

    I used the kit to embalm a 58 year old male, about 5'10", and 260 lbs, found dead in his home after about 4 days.  The condition of his remains was not pleasant, tissue gas, skin slip, and decomposition across his entire body.    The purpose for this embalming was not for traditional public viewing, but to slow decomposition, disinfect,  and reduce odor for Muslim washing ritual to be performed on his remains. I would recommend this kit to others primarily because on remains of severe decomposition and tissue gas I did see results on key viewing areas.  I would be confident that this mix of products would work well on remains that have some borderline public viewing issues.