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3D (DRUGS, DRAINAGE, DISTRIBUTION) KIT is designed to simplify preparation on bodies that are medicated, drug overdosed, refrigerated, discolored or with poor distribution.

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    Great for Chemotherapy

    Posted by Adam Hyde on May 15th 2023

    I used this kit on a deceased who died of cancer and had been receiving chemotherapy treatment. I know that the use of Beta and PHA and of course Di-San will greatly increase the fluid action and lessen the effects of the chemotherapy. I used HPX and some PK with this embalming and the contents of the kit.

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    Accessory Kit

    Posted by Metroplex Funeral Home on May 15th 2023

    I used the kit on a female of normal size. (175lbs) that was deceased for about 12 hrs. and held in refrigeration for 8 hrs. In addition to this kit I used a 16 oz of Specialist and 16oz of Triton28 (Pierce Chemical Company). I did not use a pre-inject this case. I used the kit as a co-inject along with the above arterial fluid. I found this kit to be helpful in aiding in the distribution of fluid as well as promoting better drainage. This kit helps achieve great results for cases that are delayed embalmings, refrigerated cases, as well as that were treated with medications/ chemo. The Beta is the key to this. This is the best co-injectant on the market.

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    3-D Kit

    Posted by Anonymous on May 15th 2023

    I used this kit on a 60-year-old female, found deceased in her home. Unsure of the amount of time that she was down. Weight was about 120lbs. Discoloration to the face, slight stomach distention with color change. Unsure of medication. All skin was intact. 8oz of Beta, 4oz of pH-A, 4oz of Di-SAN along with 16oz of PK20. ¾ tank of water, room temp. Results were great, moderate firmness all over, excellent color, the tissues cleared and the “green area” on the stomach cleared as well. I did not perform a pre-injection on this case.