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Success Stories


ENIGMA line of ultra-low enviro-impact Chemostasis Infusion Chemicals is used for natural/green burial and eco-cremation/disposition applications. ENIGMA is the first and only such product to meet the Green Burial Council's eco-certification program.

Millenium/New Era is a completely formaldehyde-free embalming chemical formulation - a major breakthrough and Champion's Third Generation of Embalming Chemicals.

The use of dialdehyde-glutaraldehyde, in our Second Generation of Reduced Exposure Fluids is still very popular today. A new and better sanitizer and preservative with more natural results than formaldehyde, Glutaraldehyde was used by NASA to support the Apollo space missions.

Champion introduces the Champion Preservative Factor (CPF) which is derived from the total chemical composition of each fluid (not just formaldehyde) and the results of extensive field research. It can be used by the embalmer to more accurately predict the reactivity, preservative value and firming action of all Champion fluids.

Champion is well known for its specialty fluids including Jaun-Dial for Jaundice cases and the hypertonic Specialist for Edema. Advanced products for the most difficult cases is one of Champion™s fortes with such successful additives as XEROS for Edema, OMEGA for Decomp, Humectant Aloe for Dehydration and Tri-San for increased Sanitation.

Champion is the first manufacturer to release a formula that includes a surface tension breaker and is well known for its penetrating and anti dehydrating additives such as Entrone and AD-P.

The first Service and Research Department in funeral industry history publishes The Champion Expanding Encyclopedia.