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Success Stories


"I have worked in the funeral home business for the last 10 years.  Our funeral home uses Champion Products and they are without any reservation the best embalming fluids on the market.  Please keep the good embalming fluids coming.  Any other funeral home that I go into I can look at the corpse and automatically tell if Champion has been used.  Thanks for the great job."

"Several months ago a sales rep persuaded me to try a product called Omega Decomp Factor.  Last night I had a chance to finally try your product on a client that had laid in the woods for a day in the hot sun.  Long story short, I am more than impressed.   I used the product according to the directions and also as an external pack on problem areas.  Twelve hours later, the client has clear skin, good color, is set up and the skin slip is completely dry.  I am really impressed!  Keep up the good work Champion...fabulous product."

"I have been using PK for awhile now and love the color it gives.  It is a fine arterial.  Thank you for such great products!"

"Your website is wonderful and has so much information about the dangers of HCHO.  I wish the industry would more quickly go green." 

"We have previously ordered some of the products and performed one ecobalming this month with very promising results!"