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A new high-powered accessory Sundry that exerts an extreme degree of bleaching, preserving, cauterizing and drying. It is a non-aldehyde, multi-phenolic, multi-alcohol and multi-hydroxylated aromatic formulation. Crisine-Ultra rapidly bleaches and whitens tissues while exerting a high level of sanitation and preservation. Excellent as a topical treatment or hypo-injected into areas of necrosis, bed sores, bruised and discolored areas, open wounds, gangrenous tissues and edematous areas. Available in 16 oz. Bottles.


For use over sutured areas to prevent leakage, dries quickly, forms a film. Use it for burned cases, bed sores, gangrenous areas, or with cotton use as a filler in restorative work. Available in 16 oz. Can with Applicator Brush.


Is a very fast setting adhesive which sets up a permanent bond on contact. Aron Alpha is ideal to close lips and eyelids. It is used to close small incisions such as the carotid and jugular. It may be used to hold the calvarium in place, where complete autopsy has been performed. Package of 5, 2-gram tubes.


Flesh color Champion Wax for cuts, wounds and cancer lesions. Easy to mold, very adhesive and retains shape indefinitely. Spread it to a feather edge without breaking, crumbling or curling. Available in 4 oz. and 16 oz. Jar.


A high technology dry incision sealer that rapidly absorbs a maximum quantity of water without swelling or releasing chlorine gases. In-Seal Ultra is a non-hazardous coarse granular powder that is free-flowing and virtually dust-free. Available in 5 Gallon Pail, 1 Gallon Jar, 16 oz. Container.


Champion's high quality all purpose massage cream. It is lanolin based for maximum moisturizing ability. Available in 16 oz. Jar.


A light, clean moisturizing non-aerosol spray supplied in a convenient pump spray bottle. Skintone Plus allows for a maximum moisturizing effect to embalmed tissues without the disadvantages of heavy massage creams. It absorbs readily into tissues and does not leave an oily or sticky residue or clog the skin pores as massage creams do. Skintone Plus keeps tissues supple and moisturized after embalming and does not interfere with the later application of cosmetics. Available in 16 oz. Pump Spray Bottle.


A micro-crystalline wax base that will not crumble or crack. Seals off lips from parting under reasonable conditions, and will not support bacterial growth. Comes in natural color, is easily blended with lip rouge for color and applied with spatula. Available in 2 oz., 4 oz., 8 oz., and 16 oz. Jar.


A tenacious compound to hold eyelids or lips firmly with no drying or wrinkling. STET is applied easily to a dry surface, holds without setting or hardening. Use on eye caps, under eyelids, or between gums or lips. Available in 2 oz. and 8 oz. Jar.


A popular filler valued by many embalmers for restorative work. Injected under the skin using a hypodermic syringe, DERMA-BILD forms a solid by contact with body moisture. After injection, mold to suit contour of the face. Clean needle and syringe with Solvent. Available in 32 oz. Glass Jar.


A non-hazardous mastic-type putty for use in restoration of facial features or general wound filling. It is supplied in a convenient plastic tube that is easily dispensable and quick to replace in Champion's exclusive putty injector gun. Champion Embalmer Putty is formulated with moisturizing agents to prevent distortion of filled areas and dehydration due to drying and hardening. Embalmer Putty will always stay moldable and pliable and will never clog in the injector tip. Embalmer Putty is Champion's high-tech replacement for old fashioned mastic compounds.

CLEANING SOLVENT (Encyclopedia #643 read more)

Excellent for cleaning cosmetic brushes, spot removal of cosmetics at the hairline, and as a solvent for grease-type cosmetics. Contains no TCE (trichloroethylene) or PERC (Perchloroethylene). Available in 16 oz. Bottle.


Delicate, life-like complexion tint that can be applied by brush or cotton. Solvent Base rapidly evaporates leaving only color. Excellent cosmetic treatment for normal bodies. Available in 16 oz. Bottle.