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NEW ERA COMPOUND (Encyclopedia #634 read more)

A unique multi-based autopsy and viscera treatment that thoroughly embalms, dries and preserves cavities. It is a low-exposure, virtually dust-free granular powder formulation that exhibits a pleasant deodorizing action. New Era Compound rapidly absorbs fluids and exerts a hardening effect while exhibiting a high degree of sanitizing ability. It has good clingability to cavity side walls and the cranial vault while exhibiting good absorption characteristics. Available 5 Gallon Pail, 20 Gallon Drum.


Dries, hardens and preserves with a traditional paraformaldehyde/plaster of paris formulation. Available 5 Gallon Pail, 20 Gallon Drum.


Dries and preserves with a traditional wood base/formaldehyde formulation. Available 5 Gallon Pail, 20 Gallon Drum.


compound-insetA concentrated coarse granular brown compound that is wetted with multiple preservatives and embalms on contact. New Era Embalming Powder is highly deodorizing in addition to the powerful embalming action and exerts an effective mold control activity. It can be spread on any tissue or body areas where contact embalming is required. New Era Embalming Powder will instantly deodorize, embalm, and mummify tissue it comes in contact with. When all embalming action is complete and the preservatives are used up – it will dry to a brown, granular residue. If drying and fluid absorption is necessary, use New Era Compound in addition to this product for an effective combined action. Available 16 oz. Plastic Container.


A highly penetrating and rapid acting embalming gel for all external or contact embalming requirements. New Era Gel is pleasant smelling with a hint of phenolics, and is light reddish-pink in coloration. It is a medium viscosity gel and has good clingability while retaining its ability to be easily poured from the bottle. A modern high-tech alternative to old-fashioned formaldehyde creams and gels. Available 16 oz. Bottle.