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Champion Jaundice Kit


Jaundice preparation often requires a wide variety of specialty products to treat properly and many embalmers say jaundice preparation can be difficult. Recognizing this, the Champion Jaundice Kit is designed to simplify mild to severe jaundice case preparation by providing a variety of arterial chemicals in one kit.

Champion Jaundice Kit contains:

  • Jaun-Dial Arterial – an arterial fluid specifically designed to successfully embalm jaundice bodies
  • Co-Injectant Beta – pre/co-injection that allows near complete clearing of capillaries while enhancing distribution and drainage
  • Di-San Sanitizing Enhancement – enhances sanitation and penetration while increasing firming action
  • Humectant Aloe Factor – aloe based for maximum rehydration of embalmed tissues
  • pH-A Water Activator and Conditioner - produces better internal cosmetic staining results and neutralizes acidity in water and in tissues
  • Dye Concentrate Cosmetic Factor – highly concentrated, advanced formulation dye able to produce a more natural, lifelike appearance


  • Jaundice Kit includes a variety of arterial chemicals in one complete box
  • Easy preparation instructions
  • Specifically designed for embalming jaundice bodies – mild in action, highly penetrating, uniform dye distribution
  • Glutaraldehyde based
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  • Simplifies jaundice preparation
  • More natural, lifelike appearance and reduced likelihood of transitioning from yellow to green
  • Superior sanitizing
  • Confidence that products applied properly


“I like the Champion Jaundice Kit. It simplifies preparation by spelling out what is needed and having it all in one kit.”


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