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The Champion Edema Kit is designed to address edema by maximizing dehydration while minimizing wrinkling, pruning, and fluid burn by providing a variety of arterial chemicals in one kit. Kit contains:

  • Xeros Edema Factor – a special use, additive fluid designed to exert a maximum dehydration effect.  Xeros can also be used to treat puffy eyelids, extended temple areas, mild swelling of the cheek and mouth areas and localized edema-like hand swelling
  • Co-Inject Beta Factor- pre/co-injection that allows near complete clearing of capillaries while enhancing distribution, drainage and clearing.
  • Di-San Sanitizing Enhancement – enhances sanitation and penetration while increasing firming action
  • Specialist Arterial - a hypertonic arterial fluid suitable for use in extreme situations requiring thorough preservation and definite firmness


  • 5 – 10 times more powerful than any edema additive on the market
  • Complex salt system with acid drive buffer
  • Contains glutaraldehyde for maximum sanitizing action with deep embalming saturation
  • Knowledgeable customer service team able to answer your questions.  Call 800-328-0115.


  • Addresses edema and creates more life-like appearance
  • No wrinkling, fluid burn, or over dehydration
  • Better preservation
  • Confidence that products applied properly


“I used the kit on a woman who weighed 275 pounds who had failing health for years and moderate edema. I treated her using the Champion Edema Kit.  Having the instructions laid out in front of me for each type of case along with all the right chemicals was extremely helpful.  After applying the fluids, her hands, arms, legs, and face came down great.  I would recommend that a funeral home always keep one or two of these kits on site.”


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