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The Champion Difficult Case Kit is designed to simplify decomp, delayed, bodies with odors, and ship-out case preparation by providing a variety of arterial chemicals in one kit. Kit contains:

  • Omega Decomp Factor – a special use additive fluid designed to provide excellent deodorization, mold inhibition and sanitation for any case. Omega may be used for arterial, cavity, or topical application.
  • Specialist Arterial - a hypertonic arterial fluid suitable for use in extreme situations requiring thorough preservation and definite firmness
  • Co-Injectant Beta – pre/co-injection that allows near complete clearing of capillaries while enhancing distribution and drainage
  • pH-A Water Activator and Conditioner - produces better internal cosmetic staining results and neutralizes acidity in water and in tissues
  • Tri-San Power Factor – enhances sanitation and penetration while increasing firming action


  • Difficult Case Kit includes a variety of arterial chemicals in one complete box
  • Easy preparation instructions.
  • Specifically designed for embalming difficult cases – mild in action, highly penetrating
  • Knowledgeable customer service team able to answer your questions.  Call 800-328-0115.


  • Simplifies decomp, delayed, and ship-out case preparation
  • Enhanced embalming and sanitizing action
  • Body smells neutralized and not just masked
  • Confidence that products applied properly


“I used the kit on a heavyset gentleman around 330 lbs. who died early in the morning and wasn’t found until later in the day. Decomp was in the chest area, throat and face. The blood was starting to congeal. I used the whole kit. Everything turned out great. No smells, no leaking. The result was a viewable body and the family was pleased.”


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