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The Champion 3D (Drugs, Drainage, Distribution) Kit is designed to simplify preparation of bodies that are medicated, drug overdosed, refrigerated, discolored or with poor distribution.

Kit contains:

  • Co-Inject Beta Factor- pre/co-injection that allows near complete clearing of capillaries while enhancing distribution, drainage and clearing.
  • pH-A Water Activator and Conditioner - produces better internal cosmetic staining results and neutralizes acidity in water and in tissues
  • Di-San Sanitizing Enhancement – enhances sanitation and penetration while increasing firming action


  • 3D (Drugs, Drainage, Distribution) Kit includes 3 accessory chemicals to work with any arterial fluid of your choice
  • Contains buffers and modifying agents
  • Knowledgeable customer service team able to answer your questions.  Call 800-328-0115.


  • Recommended as the preferred base for any tank of fluids
  • Enhance all aspects of the embalming process including drug neutralization
  • Confidence that products applied properly


“I used the kit on a 55 year old female who weighed approximately 160 pounds and died of COPD.  She had been treated with steroids and was discolored.  I used the 3D (Drugs, Drainage, Distribution) Kit to treat her.  No issues with drainage and removed clot effectively.  I was a little concerned with firming, but firmed well after second gallon.  Very pleased with results overall.  I’m pretty hard to please when it comes to the way our bodies look and over the past 20 years I’ve used a lot of different fluids from a lot of different companies.  I’m very comfortable with the Champion fluids that I’ve used and would recommend this kit to others.”


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