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Enigma Ecobalming


These chemicals are a safe, effective, non toxic, non hazardous alternative to traditional toxic/formaldehyde embalming chemicals. Based on a complex mix of essential plant-based oils in a near-anhydrous carrier, ENIGMA chemicals deliver significant chemostasis effects with good cosmetic/restorative results, excellent temporary sanitation and acceptable temporary preservation. The full line of ENIGMA products are the only preparation products certified by the Green Burial Council.


Delivers excellent ecobalming results arterially with 5-6% concentrated active chemostasis plant-derived essential oils for aldehyde/phenolic-like action. Powerful sanitizing and deodorizing action is present in the near-anhydrous formulation to eliminiate water-logging and moisture problems. Light natural skintone coloration and straight forward standard injection procedures combine to deliver a safe and effective arterial ecobalming. Available Premixed 1 Gallon Jug.


Powerful chemostasis effect is delivered by the 60% concentrated active essential oil formulation in a near- waterless carrier. Exceptional sanitizing and deodorizing action accompanies the ecobalming action. Use as a standard cavity in ecobalming situations and as a power booster for reinforced arterial action in compromised bodies with ENIGMA ARTERIAL.


These 8% active ecobalming chemostasis chemicals deliver excellent topical/surface contact chemostasis action. In addition, sanitizing and deodorizing action is significant with a near-anhydrous formulation for maximum effect without added water. Apply liberally to all body surfaces. Can also be added to ENIGMA COMPOUND for additional ecobalming effect. Available 16oz. Bottle with optional Sprayer.


Excellent contact/ topical ecobalming action is present with good absorption properties and powerful sanitizing and deodorizing results. 8% active plant-derived essential oil-based chemostasis chemicals provide effective overall ecobalming action with maximum absorption capabilities. Provides effective leak protection/prevention and generates a minimum ash residue if used in ecocremation situations. Available 1 Gallon Container.