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Rich, creamy and easy to apply foundation is the latest in modern technology developed to prevent drying out tissue. Oil, water and alcohol free. Cold stabilization processing of the Aloe Vera produces its purest form. For this reason, our foundation retains moisture and doesn't enhance dehydration, gives a natural life-like appearance, and doesn't change after it has been applied. It is easily applied with a sponge or brush, drying quickly to a matte finish. Available in 2 oz. bottle.

01- Ivory, 02- Honey, 03- Bisque, 04- Petal, 05- Beige, 06- Almond, 07- Suntan.


An Aloe Vera cream that is applied to the face and hands after embalming which conditions the skin producing a soft, velvety texture. As the cream absorbs and vanishes from the area to which applied, it tends to soften and remove razor burns and other undesirable conditions that may be present. It is applied with a brush and can be used safely and effectively on the most delicate tissue areas. Contains no drying or preserving agents of any kind. Available in 4 oz. jar.


This is a masking cosmetic used before the foundation color is applied to cover up trauma areas such as bruises, stitches and wax. It is an excellent concealer and does not rub off when the family touches or pats the applied area. Can also be mixed with wax. Available in 1/2 oz. jar.

01- Light, 02- Light Medium, 03- Medium, 04- Dark.


This is a very light and translucent setting powder for use with the camouflage cream. It is used to set or seal the cosmetic. May be used, however, as a topical powder over the foundation if desired. Available in 2oz. jar.

01- Light, 02- Medium, 03- Dark.


Our lip colors are select colors that are blended for our industry into matte colors. They are applied from the stick with a lip brush.

01- Sesame, 07- Natural Man.