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XEROS Edema Factor (Encyclopedia #641 read more)

Is a special use/additive fluid of the Millenium New Era line of embalming formulations. XEROS Edema Factor exerts a maximum dehydration effect when used as directed. XEROS Edema Factor also induces an additional high level sanitation effect in addition to effective embalming of edema cases. Use only where a severe dehydration effect is desired. Not for normal embalming use.

OMEGA Decomp Factor

A special use/additive fluid for use in cases of extreme decomposition or infested bodies. It enhances the embalming action of the arterial fluid in addition to inhibiting mold growth and exerting powerful deodorizing action. OMEGA Decomp Factor can be injected arterially or in conjunction with cavity treatment, hypo injection or topically by pouring. Highly recommended in situations of delayed embalming, tissue gas, advanced skinslip, infestation, seriously burned bodies and other cases of advanced decomposition as well as shipouts.

pH-A Solution

A Chemical Water Conditioner and pH Activator. Its action is to improve the diffusion into tissue masses of the preserving, sanitizing, and coloring ingredients in the arterial solution. This produces better internal cosmetic staining results, improves drainage and softening action on clotted material so that it is more easily removed, and promotes uniform firming action.

Co-Injectant Beta Factor

An activator and buffer co-factor created to accompany Arterial 24 Alpha Factor. A sophisticated buffer system activates and controls the arterial fluid for rapid perfusion of tissues with a maximum of penetration. It locks in a narrow range of pH during reaction to create an enhanced embalming action. Co-Injectant Beta Factor can be used as a co-injection with any arterial fluid or stand alone as a pre-injection fluid. It allows near total clearing of capillary beds and blood engorged areas of the body through its chemical reaction.

Humectant Aloe Factor

A high-tech aloe-based ultra-effective humectant additive fluid for arterial injection. The aloe formulation allows for a maximum hydrophilicity and rehydration action on embalmed tissues. Humectant Aloe Factor will not clog capillaries and delivers the maximum amount of water to the tissues with a minimum of carrier agent. It will not cloud or precipitate under any circumstances of use. Humectant Aloe Factor is completely non hazardous and can be used with any arterial fluid.

Tri-San Power Factor

An accessory/additive fluid for any arterial or cavity fluid that drastically increases the preservation power and sanitizing ability of the fluid or solution. TriSan Power Factor is a synergistic trialdehyde based formulation that is highly reactive and results in an extreme degree of preservation and sanitation. The effectiveness is further enhanced by the addition of phenol-potentiation in the formula. The addition of TriSan Power Factor to any arterial or cavity fluid results in increased aldehyde action, penetration, reactivity and overall embalming action with a resultant increase in rigidity of the embalmed tissues.

Plasma Injection Factor (Encyclopedia #656 read more)

A near-anhydrous carrier fluid that substitutes for all or part of the dilution water in arterial embalming causing a faster arterial embalming with more firming evident, in addition to deeper saturation, penetration and infusing of the tissues. Plasma Injection Factor is a lower-exposure risk chemical with a medium molecular weight glycolic base as the carrier fluid with added buffers, surfactants, penetrants and glutaraldehyde for maximum sanitizing action and improved embalming results. The pH of Plasma Injection Factor is essentially neutral for maximized embalming action and compatibility with all arterial fluids, co-injectants, humectants and other embalming additives.