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CPF is a value assigned to all Champion fluids ranking them on the basis of preservative ability using recommended dilutions in normal cases. The Champion Preservative Factor is not index but can equal it in certain fluids. It is derived from the total chemical composition of each fluid and results of extensive field research. The Champion Preservative Factor can be used by the embalmer to predict the reactivity, preservative value and firming action of Champion fluids.


Entrone is a Champion trademark for a vital additive which makes the big difference between Champion fluids and ordinary fluids.

Entrone lowers the surface tension of body liquids and permits the fluid to penetrate to the point of complete saturation without fear of "part-way" distribution. Entrone enables the preserving chemicals to enter each individual cell of soft tissue.

Because of Entrone, Champion fluids give better drainage and more even diffusion. Because of Entrone, the strength of Champion fluid is utilized without waste and is thoroughly distributed to all parts of the body.


Champion's exclusive material, AD-P, is the result of years of research and testing. The technical name for this material has been shortened to the abbreviation, AD-P.

AD-P is a specially selected anti-dehydrant material which controls the action of formaldehyde so that thorough saturation of tissue is possible.

AD-P also helps retain moisture in the tissues to prevent over-dehydration. It enhances the diffusion of the internal cosmetic effect and produces a pliable texture of the tissues.

AD-P, like Entrone, is one of the plus features you get in Champion fluid to make your job easier, with better results.