Pure cotton, white, highly absorbent for general use in the Preparation Room. Packed in one pound rolls. Individually or 25 rolls per case.


An indispensable, disposable, highly absorbent non-woven cotton towel for preparation room use. Lint-free, it tears in even widths for bandages and adheres to itself in wrapping. Excellent for dusting caskets. Individually or 8 rolls per case. Dispenser also available.


Autopsy Suture and Artery Tie

Pure flax sinew thread with silk finish, grey, 6 cord.

  • 43-01202-0000 1 lb. spool

Waxed Artery Tie

Quality linen thread with fine wax coating, recommended for postmortem stitching, available in two sizes.

  • 43-07787-0000 8 oz. spool (425 yards)
  • 43-07788-0000 1 lb. spool (850 yards)

Waxed Polyester

Quality grade polyester waxed thread, strong and resistant to chemicals and moisture. Natural color, 3 cord.

  • 43-14803-0000 1 lb. spool

Lock Stitch

Lock Stitch thread (Kant-Kink) white

  • 43-01274-0000 1 lb. spool